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Matterhorn Cheese Fondue from Käse Swiss

Matterhorn Cheese Fondue
Matterhorn Cheese Fondue for 2

Käseswiss has Fondue Matterhorn on sale this week.

Rachael from Käseswiss says: “Fondue Matterhorn is the best quality in the range of Heat & Eat ready-made Fondue. We had an over supply so are left with a some boxes nearing their Best Before date in mid November. The fondue is good to be eaten for at least a few more weeks - or can be frozen. “Best before” is a guideline, not a cut off. We don’t want this great product to go to waste”

These normally retail for around £10 per 400gm box (serves 2).

They are on offer for a short time at only £3 each!

You can collect from Käseswiss on Saturday 16th November, 9am-2pm at Arch 5, Voyager Estate South, SE16 4RP, or on Thursday 14th between 11am and 2pm. Closest Underground is Bermondsey Station.



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