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coANDco UK

Software development

We are a small company with big ambitions. Our team in Switzerland counts 20 full time employees, our team in London counts 6 full time employees. We do all software development in-house but work with partners around the globe for distribution. Our speciality is the Swiss and UK market. coANDco has been operating in Switzerland since 2007 and in the UK since 2009. We are registered in Switzerland, England and Wales.

And what do we actually do?

Our offering is very simple. We offer three main services: Consulting: digital strategy, concept and feasiblity studies. For example: We develop a concept how you can best benefit from the digital revolution. Production: build and design of HTML5, native and web applications. Mobile, tablet and desktop. For example: we build HTML5 mobile applications that helps you engage with your customers. Distribution: national and international distribution via advertising networks or social media. For example: we create buzz around your newly built web application across Europe via the Box Network.

Contact Us

Address: Räffelstrasse

118045 Zürich

Telephone: +41 44 440 12 00



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