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Micha Weidmann Studio

Art direction and design studio

Since 2001 Micha Weidmann Studio has been

working with creators of high-­end products

build their brands, offering them uniquely

creative solutions through art direction and

design.With expertise in typography,

photography and film, they have enabled their

clients to reposition themselves and reach

exclusive audiences around the world through

print and digital. The Studio’s creative approach is based on director, Micha Weidmann’s background in Swiss design and art direction

that has been defined through working with

brands such as Prada, Tate Modern and Dezeen.

Clarges Mayfair, British Land

When British Land initiated their first residential project they commissioned Micha Weidmann Studio to create the identity and marketing collateral for Clarges Mayfair, an exclusive luxury development overlooking Green Park on Piccadilly. They created an enduring marque, which expands into an identity with patterns for engravings, building facades, book covers and invitations. Alongside the marketing collateral and online appearance, Micha Weidmann Studio planned the campaign, produced and art directed the film and photography, which introduced the exceptional development to prospective buyers. The launch of Clarges Mayfair set a new benchmark for real estate in London by setting new records for prices in Mayfair.

Advanced Capital

Advanced Capital is a pioneering investment

bank based in Milan. Micha Weidmann Studio

created a unique progressive identity for

Advanced Capital that established them

as a leader in the financial industry


The Donum Estate, California

The Donum Estate required a refined identity for it’s vineyard and sculpture park in Sonoma, California. For over a year the studio photographed the sculptures throughout the seasons conditions. This photography identity was then merged with tactile print materials and classic typography to roll out the holistic brand.



In 2007 when Dezeen was a first-­of-­its-kinds

design blog, they wanted to become an iconic

online design magazine. A distinct design

identity was created with a flexible typographic

system which allowed the brand to grow

organically. In 2016, the studio was then re­-commissioned to design the Dezeen website

to help them become the world’s most

influential design magazine, reaching 50 million visitors a year. The brand structure created

enabled them to seamlessly adapt to new

ventures in print and digital, such as the launch

of the watch store, job site and collaborations with Adidas and MINI. In 2018 they helped them

launch the Dezeen Awards. More than a decade

of work with Dezeen had established them as a

leading influence in the design community.

Due to its global audience, it seemed like

a natural step to launch the Dezeen Awards

with an exciting identity and campaign. Micha

Weidmann Studio created a series of movies

with Leon Chew that were inspired by the Tate Modern’s industrial architecture, the films guided the audience through four hours of the awards. The campaign, in the run-up to the awards ceremony hosted by Sir Lenny Henry, drew over 3500 entries from over 90 countries.

Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke combines antiques with the contemporary to a unique designer brand. They required a distinct trademark for their studio and retail offering. Micha Weidmann Studio created an elegant identity, which

reflected the use of materials and the

relationship between the classical and modern

design aesthetic. The design was subtly

integrated into the retail and fabric store.

A series of catalogues and marketing materials

were also created to promote Rose Uniacke at the design and antique fairs.


Masterpiece Fair, London

The 2019 campaign for Masterpiece Fair in London has been launched with the new look

Micha Weidmann Studio created for them

together with a refreshed identity. The image

lead campaign reflects the idea of cross­ collecting exclusive objects on show at

The Royal Hospital Chelsea.



Over the years Micha Weidmann Studio has

created numerous publication for Christie's.

These essays and catalogues are designed

to honour the organisation’s position as the

world’s most prestigious auction house.