The London Square Gallery

The Square Gallery is an exhibition space in the heart of Battersea, South West London, which opened May 2016.

The Square Gallery was founded by Morgane Wagner, a 23-year-old student who is focused on providing young and emerging artists with more exhibition opportunities, and involving the community in the local art scene. Exhibitions will reflect the first of these ideals by presenting work mainly from students and upcoming artists, with a determination to bring their art to South West London. The opening of this gallery sees a further progression in Battersea's growing art scene, and with it will bring together the local community through events and classes.

Being of Swiss descent herself, Morgane is also keen to play a part in introducing Swiss art to new audiences and forging new connections between the Swiss and British art worlds. As a practicing artist, she is well aware of the need for more exhibition spaces in London aimed at promoting young and emerging artists. Morgane is a firm believer that the gallery is an important part of the community, and is enthusiastic about The Square Gallery’s use as a communal space.

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Address: 9b Battersea Square


London SW11 3RA

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