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Welcome to the Swiss-British Business Exchange! This is the online place for Swiss companies that want to grow in the UK, and UK companies that want to grow in Switzerland.
Our Story

Swiss-British Business Exchange started as a small but passionate project in January 2014 by Swiss and UK based founding members and entrepreneurs Sidela Leon and Christoph Burgdorfer to provide a diversified directory of Swiss UK based businesses and entrepreneurs for people seeking Swiss quality services and products.

The idea grew into building a community around the businesses helping each other grow, succeed and learn from each other.

We also support the biggest Facebook Group of Swiss people in the UK.

Soon we started to have big brands and even had appearances in Swiss national TV. This is why we decided to open also for UK businesses who want to grow in Switzerland.

How we can make you more successful​?

The easiest way is to become a supporter of the Swiss British Business Exchange Platform. You then get access to the other businesses, the regular knowledge exchange sessions and the biggest Swiss Facebook community in the UK.

Becoming a supporter is also easy, just fill out this form.

The supporter fees are used to sustain and advertise the network, create content and generally grow the network.

Bespoke support

Our team also offers bespoke services such as

  • relocation

  • company registration

  • local contacts

  • marketing channels

  • various market insights

  • competitor analysis

  • just ask us if you have specific needs

Such services are executed at the rate of CHF 250.-- per hour.

Bespoke Sponsoring

We also offer sponsoring opportunities whereby larger companies can buy advertising space on the platform, do branded events in cooperation with other companies or the Swiss / British community, be present on flyers, co-branding and other bespoke solutions. Sponsoring the Swiss British Business Exchange means helping Swiss and British businesses to be more successful in either of the markets.


The British Swiss Business Exchange is incorporated in England and Wales under the company registration number 11518978.

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