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High quality spirits & drinks

Ullrich & Co is not only producing the Swiss gins nginious!, but several other spirits and drinks. Their products are of high quality and have been awarded at several competitions.


Nginious! has been turning the gin world upside down since 2014. However, the history of the Swiss gin began a year earlier. At that time, it was not foreseeable that the gin hype would be so extreme, but the boom had already gained a lot of momentum. Understandably, the makers of nginious! asked themselves: "Does the world really need another gin? Have all the stories already been told?” However, in 2013 there was no gin that could be described as THE Swiss gin, and on par with Swiss Quality. Given the variety of great Swiss gins that have since come on the market, this claim is somewhat presumptuous. At the time however, it was a key motivation.

The leitmotif for the Swiss Blended Gin was to compose a gin that, with its subtle herbal notes, freshness and clarity, could be understood as a Swiss gin from the first sip. The fact that this gin won the Swiss Spirits Award for Best Swiss Gin in the spring of 2018 confirms it traveling down the right path.

A much more important motivation for nginious! was, and still is, the search for something that did not exist before. This search allowed nginious! to create the first gin matured in a vermouth barrel, the iconic bottle of the Summer Gin, adorned in a retro bathing cap, and the Smoked and Salted Gin, which was the first of its kind, allowing nginious! to keep pushing the boundaries, without neglecting the tradition of gin.

Drink responsibly!


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Address: Ullrich & Co.
Spirit Production & Consulting

Gärtnerstrasse 46
CH-4057 Basel

Telephone: +41 (0)76 804 08 12



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