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Jumi & Our Unique Cheese

In 1896 our great, great grandfather began the “art” of cheese production. Over five generations, our family members have become wonderful cheese artisans, aiming to develop unique and delicious flavours and improve and enrich the range of Swiss cheeses for our highly demanding customers.

The Idea Behind Jumi

In 2006, Juerg and Mike set up the company "Jumi" , which has grown and developed over time. Jumi´s success is not only through the production of exceptionally high quality cheese, but due to our creative and innovative team. The mix of different people with varied strengths and backgrounds has enabled Jumi to advance. For all the progress we have made, we have not lost sight of our top priority: to ensure the cheese is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, from milking the cows to delivery to and education of the customer. Every single step in the process, from milk to cheese is non-industrial: the cows are outside grazing the pasture everyday and eating the best fresh grass. Our cheese products are stocked by carefully selected hotels, restaurants and cheese shops. To experience the spirit of Jumi, come and see us at the Borough market or book us for a delicious Jumi cheese buffet.

From Raw Milk to Delicious Cheese...

As the cheese is formed, great patience is necessary – haste makes waste! the cheese is placed into a cellar according to it´s needs for maturation, whilst being handled and nurtured every morning with the care it deserves by the artisan himself. the art of caseation expresses itself particularly in the process of affinage. After days, months or even years the cheese is taken out of the cellar and can be tasted by the daughters and sons of the artisan and you!

Dealing with fresh, raw milk is a very delicate business, and the production process from the milking of the cows to the cheese needs to be rapid. In the valley of the emmental, the cows graze the freshest grass of the pasture, the farmers bring their milk to the dairy twice a day, immediately after milking. Tradition is highly valued in the art of cheese making, and in this region the farmers transport the full milk cans with the help of tractors, horses or even a dog. It takes careful handling to ensure that the milk is still warm from the cow when the cheese fabrication process begins.

Contact Us

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