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Winged Fox Designs

To please the eye

Winged Fox designs aka Tina Altwegg is a Bristol-based one-woman show producing designs, illustrations and animations in 2D for all purposes. With a fluid stroke, light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek yet to the point, her creations never fail to catch the eye. Her clients include large corporations, visual communications companies, start-ups and individuals both in Switzerland and the UK. You can expect a friendly, professional and bespoke service - at the end of the day, it's about the joy that I put into my work and that you get as a result!

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Letter from Tina

Drawing has been one of my favourite pastimes ever since I could hold a pen, and as a teenager I used to spend hours in solitary bliss while others made their first disco experiences or tried to pimp their mopeds… Despite initially going professional in another of my fields of interest, languages and translation, the creative urge never left me… So as a second career, I studied animation in Lucerne, Switzerland, and my final, Mare Mosso (Rough Sea) was shown at a number of festivals in Switzerland and abroad. I gathered work experience with Gentinetta Films in Zurich (colouring, shading and clean-ups for The Cable Car), with Caligari Film in Munich, Germany (as a storyboard assistant and prop artist for the Moonbear TV series and feature film), and with the Fantastic Mr. Fox productions, London.

This made me return to the UK soon after, brushing up my 2D animation skills at the UWE three-month animation course in Bristol. Since then, I helped two NFTS animation MA students finish their graduate films, Kahanikar (The Storyteller) by Nandita Jain and El Macho by Dani Negrin, and produced animation pieces for PricewaterhouseCoopers and two promising startup companies, Cabtus AG and MyDepotcheck, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Recently, I have also created logos, murals, tattoos, flyers, and illustrations for a children’s book, as well as a series of prints inspired by Canadian native art that have been on display in arts trails and an exhibition at the Parlour Showrooms in Bristol. My passion lies with the environment, animal welfare and other good causes, to which I am keen to dedicate my art. I am currently based in Bristol and work as a graphic artist, illustrator, and animator. Drop me a line if you would like to discuss a project or want to know more about my work.

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