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Client: Swiss Federal Railways
Production: Lichtspiele / wirzfraefelpaal
Director: Stephan Usteri


Mix: Andi Pupato
Music/Sound design: Jonas Buehler
London, 2015

MUSIC MANUFACTORY - Bespoke Music Production

We are a small and innovative music manufactory specialised in bespoke music for film and advertisements.

Depending on the project, we work together with the finest musicians, contractors, orchestrators and sound engineers from Switzerland and the UK.

We can either produce in-house or in top studio facilities, which gives us flexibility concerning the type of production and budget.


«A very unique voice and style. Something that this industry is begging for.» Adam Smalley, Music Editor of Hans Zimmer


We have created the music for SBB (Swiss Trains) Postfinance (Swiss Post Bank), Vogue, Miss Sixty, Nespresso and many others.


Visit the Music Manufactory on Soundcloud

Contact Us

Address: Charing Cross, London WC2N 5DU, UK

Telephone: +44 7585 178044



Client: Nespresso

Production: wirzfraefelpaal

Director: Cello Schnyder


Mix: Andi Pupato

Music: Jonas Buehler

London, 2014

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