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Best posting hours and days on LinkedIn

We have analysed 20 LinkedIn business pages for a year. We have access to due to our work for different Swiss Small and medium companies. What we have learned based on numbers:

  1. The average post engagement rate was 3.3% but with pretty huge differences reaching from 0.5% to 14%.

  2. We found no correlation between the engagement and the post activity. In average these accounts were posting 1.4 posts per week which we think is rather low.

  3. The average follower growth rate per week was 0.85%. So about 70% per annum.

  4. Posts with pictures and links are performing way better (10x more likes) than simple text posts or video post. This was a bit surprising to us.

  5. The best posts were always showing people in closeups. The worst performing posts are always graphics and diagrams.

  6. All accounts tend to post during the week and the most on Thursdays and Fridays. Accounts with the highest engagement post also a lot more on Mondays.

7. The best engagement seems to be in the mornings and Thursday evening. Even Saturday during lunch time it seems to be a good time having in mind that on weekends fewer posts are done so maybe we need more data for further analysis.

I hope this data helps you a bit. Our recommendation: post 2-3 times a week and try out different hours and weekday including weekends. Track your own account with a benchmarking so you can generate your own data after some month and come to a data-based conclusion. If you want to learn more about how to drive more leads through content marketing follow us and even subscribe to the newsletter at



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