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BREXIT - What will happen from 01.01.2021

There are many questions what will happen beginning of next year. Britain and Switzerland have published what their citizens will have to do when already living in the other country or where to apply for a residence permit from next year on.

For Swiss, EU and EFTA citizens There will be a new system for EU, EFTA and Swiss citizen who want to move to the UK. This system will apply to skilled workers and students and they will be treated fairly and equally like non-EU citizens.

Who can move to the UK:

- People with a job offer

- People with a job at an appropriate skill level

- People having a job in a shortage occupation

- The job has to meet the salary threshold of GBP 25’600

- English language skills at a level B1 (Intermediate)

- Educational qualifications

For British citizens

If there are no additional bilateral agreement between the UK and Switzerland, UK nationals moving to Switzerland from 01st January 2020 have to meet the terms of the Foreign Nationals and Integration Act and would be subject to quotas. Living in Switzerland CITIZENS’ RIGHTS FOLLOWING THE WITHDRAWAL OF THE UNITED KINGDOM FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION AND THE FREE MOVEMENT OF PERSONS AGREEMENT

Download PDF • 457KB

Download PDF • 457KB



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