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Excursion: Mount Titlis in Engelberg

Mount Titlis in Engelberg
Mount Titlis (3'238m)

If you don't want to hike but still want to go to the alps and enjoy the view, go to see mount Titlis. Titlis belongs to the Urner alps and is very popular among tourists but also Swiss. The later like to go for hiking or skiing in the area while tourists just like to go up to enjoy the view. Take the gondola lift from Titlis mountain station to Stand and from there the Titlis Rotair gondola, which will spin 360° during the trip to the top. On the top you will have a fantastic view over the alps and but also to the other side where you can also see mount Pilatus and Rigi. Two other attractions are the ice grotto and the cliff walk. This is a pedestrian bridge 3000m above sea level and only people without vertigo should go over it and enjoy the view over the Uri alps. But it is also understandable if someone decidec against it, the glacier can also be reached with solid ground uner your feet which is on the other side.



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