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Mortgage and Interior Design - Talks and Networking Event

Swiss Quality UK proudly presents on the 4th of October 2017 at USM U. Schaerer Sons Ltd: Talks about buying and renovating property in the UK. How do we get on the property ladder? What do we have to look out before we buy? What kind of morgage is for me and once I have the keys how to renovate it or make changes?

Debbie Woodhouse - Zebramoney and Michael Frick - 4-interiors, our experts in mortgage and finance matters and interior design, will share their insights and knowledge during their speech.

Jura - coffee machines, V-Zug - kitchen supplier and USM Haller - customised furniture will be on site where you will have the possibility to learn about their equipment. The talks will be followed by a networking event with Swiss Wine and Cheese by Swiss Quality UK supporters. Entrance is free for supporters*, for everyone else it is £15.

Please register under:

This event is an initiative of in collaboration with Alpine Wines, Jura, Käse Swiss, USM Haller and V-Zug. Visit our website where you will find all the information or contact us on

Registration closing date: 2nd October 2017 - Bookings must be made prior to the event.

Mortgage and Interior Design



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