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Changes for British overseas voters

In January, the UK changed the law on voting rights for British overseas electors!

the palace of westminster also houses the house of commons and lords
Palace of Westminster

From 16 January 2024 British citizens living abroad are granted the right to vote, even if they have been residing outside of the UK for longer than 15 years, it represents a significant expansion of voting rights for expatriates. This decision means that British citizens living abroad, regardless of the duration of their absence from the UK, would have the opportunity to participate in elections to the UK Parliament. To do so, there are two conditions, they must have been registered to vote in UK elections or resident in the UK before moving abroad.

Granting voting rights to British citizens abroad, regardless of how long they have been living outside the UK, reflects a recognition of their continued connection to their homeland and their stake in its political processes. It would allow these expatriates to have a say in the democratic governance of the country, even though they may have been living elsewhere for an extended period of time.

This decision could have implications for the representation and engagement of British citizens living abroad in the political affairs of the UK, potentially influencing electoral outcomes and the policies that affect them and their interests.


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