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Rival Kings | The Chikitas | Sons of Morpheus | The Souls | Death by Chocolate + Special Guest: Billy Vincent

24.2.2016: The Borderline Doors: 7pm Entry: £6

25.2.2016: The Forge Doors: 7pm Entry: £6

The Swiss deepdive music agency presents a selection of its most current artists at «The Borderline» (Soho, London) and at «The Forge» (Camden, London). These events offer a unique opportunity to discover some of the most exciting musicians now emerging from Switzerland and the deepdive-universe.

Deepdive’s showcase nights are annual events held in Zurich and Lausanne. This tradition is now being exported with this two-day edition in London and heralds the search for new stages and global audiences for the deepdive roster. The aim of this premiere event is to give their bands the chance to show their talents outside of Swiss borders and open new doors. For guests and concertgoers deepdive music nights offer an evening rich in variety with bands from all musical genres. Between performances there will be the opportunity to chat with the musicians.



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