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Swiss cheese in London

While the days get shorter and colder we tend to stay at home, even more with Covid-19 forcing us to stay at home. Still we can make this a very special happening and bring the world to our home. Have you thought of a Swiss Raclette or cheese Fondue evening? The main ingredient is cheese and potatoes or bread. Anything else is your imagination! In London KäseSwiss has opened it's warehouse not only Saturdays but now from Thursday until Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00 where you can find delicious Swiss cheese. They have Alpine Valais Raclette AOP but also Alpage Raclette cheese from this summer and many more. If you are not living in London you can order the cheese online under KäseSwiss. Recipe for Fondue: 200g Cheese per person (well, we know many people going with 250g - 300g) 200g Bread per person (variation would be cooked potatoe)

1 clove of Garlic

3dl white Wine

1 tbsp Maizena

1 tbsp Kirsch

Muscat and Pepper Cut the garlic in two halfs and rub the caquelon - fondue pan - out with it. After that cut it in smaller pieces and put it into the caquelon. Add the greated cheese, mixed maizena and white wine and put over a medium heat. Stir the whole time until the cheese has melted. At the end ad some kirsch, muscat and pepper. Your fondue is ready to be served. Swiss love to have dried meat - Bündnerfleisch, cornichons, pickeled small onions with it and instead of bread you can also try potatoes.



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