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What did we do during Covid-19 Lockdown

Lockdown, stay at home, stay safe and much more did we hear in the past month. What seemed to be normal was suddenly forbidden and what we thought will be a few weeks extended into a few month and there is not end. What did it mean for companies on this platform and what did we do?

We decided, as it was not possible to meet personally nor organise events, to meet virtually every two weeks and see how everyone is doing. It was interesting to hear about all different solutions and what everyone did during this challenging times. But not only that, we also managed to get people on the video calls from the UK and Switzerland and while Covid-19 imprisoned us in one way it opened solutions in an other.

Lockdown is over but we are far from our lives before and it was decided, to continue our fourthnight calles but now we have themes we discuss and the calls are for half an hour if people decide to continue talking this is also fine. As always our moto is 'we will manage it together'!



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