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Founding a company in Switzerland: Limited Company

Updated: Jul 1

A corporation (AG/SA) in Switzerland requires a minimum initial capital of CHF 100,000, with at least CHF 50,000 paid in, and must be registered with the commercial register. It requires at least one founder, with at least one board member residing in Switzerland, and must comply with Swiss accounting standards and regulatory requirements.

How to start a Limited Partnership
Limited Partnership

To establish a Limited Company (AG/SA) (Art. 620-763 OR) in Switzerland, several steps are required. First, you need a minimum initial capital of CHF 100,000, with at least 20% of the share capital and a minimum of CHF 50,000 paid in. The founders must draft the company's articles of association, which outline the company's purpose, structure, and internal regulations. These articles must be notarised.

It is important that at least one natural person or legal entity acts as a founder. The founders can be Swiss nationals or foreigners, but at least one member of the board of directors must be a resident of Switzerland. The identity of the founders and board members must be verified through appropriate documentation.

After the articles of association are notarised, the founders must register the company with the commercial register in the relevant canton. Various documents need to be submitted, including the notarised articles, a bank statement proving the paid-in capital, and other required documents such as the incorporation report and the auditor's confirmation if an audit has not been waived.

Once the company is registered in the commercial register, it must register with the VAT authorities if the annual turnover exceeds CHF 100,000. Additionally, registration with social security is necessary to manage employee contributions. Compliance with Swiss accounting standards is mandatory, and proper accounting and bookkeeping systems must be established.

It may be helpful to seek assistance from legal and financial advisors to ensure that all legal and administrative requirements are correctly met. Detailed information can be found at SME Portal for small and medium-sized entreprises


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