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Founding a company in Switzerland: LLC

A limited liability company (GmbH) in Switzerland requires a minimum share capital of CHF 20,000, fully paid in, and must be registered with the commercial register. It needs at least one founder and one director who must reside in Switzerland, and must adhere to Swiss accounting standards and legal requirements.

How to start a Limited Partnership
Limited Partnership

Starting an LLC (GmbH) (Art. 772-827 OR) in Switzerland involves several steps. Initially, you'll need to choose a unique company name that complies with Swiss regulations and check its availability with the Commercial Register. The minimum share capital required is CHF 20,000, which must be fully paid up and deposited in a Swiss bank account.

Next, draft the Articles of Association, which outline the company's purpose, share structure, and internal regulations. These documents must be notarised in the presence of a Swiss notary. The founders' details, including identification documents and proof of address, must be provided. At least one director must be a Swiss resident, although there are some exceptions for EU/EFTA nationals.

Once the Articles of Association are notarised, you must register the company with the Commercial Register in the canton where the company is based. This involves submitting the notarised documents, bank statement showing the paid-up capital, and a registration application.

After registration, you need to register for VAT if the annual turnover exceeds CHF 100,000. The company must also be registered with the social security system to handle employee contributions.

Lastly, set up proper accounting and bookkeeping systems in accordance with Swiss accounting standards and open a business bank account. Ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, including filing annual financial statements and maintaining proper records. This process might require the assistance of legal and financial professionals to ensure all legal and administrative aspects are correctly handled. Detailed information can be found at SME Portal for small and medium-sized entreprises


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