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Micha Weidmann Studio, member of the Swiss British Business Exchange: Elevating Design and Identity Across Borders

Updated: May 1

Micha Weidmann creative studio
Micha Weidmann

Micha Weidmann Studio

Since 2001 Micha Weidmann Studio has been creating identities for designer brands ranging from larger estates and the arts to ever changing fashion labels. Offering them unique creative solutions through design and typography as well as art direction for photography and film.

Our unique approach is structured into two distinct phases: exploration and refinement. We begin with comprehensive audits—Culture, Heritage, and Customer—ensuring a deep, empathetic understanding of the brand's ethos and audience. This foundation empowers us to craft narratives that resonate profoundly exclusive audiences around the world, distinguishing our clients in a competitive market.

Our creative process is spearheaded by Micha Weidmann's Swiss typography heritage, enabling us to explore various innovative, aesthetically superior design solutions tailored to each client's needs. 

Unlike our competitors, who focus on modern impact or traditional elegance, we are fusing these elements to redefine the identities we create for designer brands . We deliver a design and a legacy—crafted with precision, informed by culture, and designed to captivate.

In an industry where the distinction is paramount, Micha Weidmann Studio stands out by ensuring that every piece of work is not only a reflection of our client's history and culture but also a forward-thinking interpretation that sets new standards in the luxury sector.


  • Craftsmanship and Quality: Emphasis on bespoke, high-quality, and carefully considered work that blends craft with design.

  • Cultural and Commercial Relevance: Creating designs that are elegant and erudite, resonate culturally, and succeed commercially.

  • Collaborative and Efficient Processes: A hands-on, collaborative approach with clients, ensuring a smooth, logical and efficient process for fast delivery.

  • Expertise and Experience: Profound expertise in print, art direction, and identity, backed by a vast and diverse portfolio.

Some of our key projects

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Our clients


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