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Tibits is closing its UK restaurants

12 years ago, Tibits opened their first restaurant in London Mayfair and managed to delight local people of their vegetarian / vegan restaurant where the quality of their products was on top of everything! Tibits has opened their doors to many of our events, be it in Mayfair or in their second restaurant at Bankside and the teams in both locations were great to work with. But like many other places, Covid-19 has taken its toll and the decision was taken to close the UK branch for good. But if you visit Switzerland be ensured, you will still have the opportunity to eat at one of their restaurants and enjoy the great atmosphere. I will definitively miss your Mayfair place where I got the chance to feel the buzz of the city for a while and enjoy a healthy juice. To the team and stuff all the best and good luck for your future.



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