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Britain introduces import charges for EU products

As of the 30st of April 2024, Britain will introduce the Common User Charge on all edible goods coming from the EU

End of this month the British Government will introduce an import fee for all plants, plant and animal based products coming or transiting through the Port of Dover or the Eurotunnel.

The charges will be from GBP 10 for low-risk goods up to GBP 29 for medium and high-risk products, which include meat, dairy and plant goods. If a consignment contains several types of plants, meat, dairy products etc. the maximum charges of GBP 145 will apply

While large companies can absorb these costs, small companies will be hit harder. They have to consider whether they should bear the costs themselves or pass them on to the consumer, which then raises the question of whether the more expensive product is still attractive for the customer.

The Common User Charge is part of the Border Operating Model, which is already in place since the 31st of January 2024 which requires health certificates on imports of medium and high-risk products originating from EU and EFTA.


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