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Top Ten Books in Switzerland for the summer

With the arrival of summer and holidays, you can enjoy reading anywhere, regardless of the weather. Take a look at the current top 10 books in German-speaking Switzerland for some inspiration.

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Holiday time is reading time

During the holiday season, some individuals are supporting our national teams (England and Switzerland are still in the competition!), while others opt to unwind with a book at the beach or in the countryside, taking the opportunity to do what is beneficial for us humans every now and then: nothing but read and relax.

This week, I am examining the bestseller list in the German-speaking region of Switzerland to discover the top 10 books to read.

  1. 22 Lengths by Caroline Wahl This book is the sequel to Gale Force 17 and tells the story of Tilda, who takes care of her sister Ida, as well as their mother, until one day Tilda is offered a promotion in Berlin. What will she do?

  2. Madame le Commissaire und das geheime Dossier by Pierre Martin In the 11th installment of Madame le Commissaire, the main character is faced with an atypical case involving a burglary followed by a murder, a case that is assigned to her by the chief of police. The mystery unfolds as she investigates the connection between the theft and the homicide, questioning whether the burglars were typical thieves or if they had a specific target in mind. Immerse yourself in this gripping crime novel and lose track of time. - Not currently accessible in English

  3. Wo wir uns trafen by Sofia Lundberg Newly divorced Esther encounters Rut, an elderly woman who provides her with solace. However, Rut disappears unexpectedly, prompting Esther to embark on a quest to locate her and uncover her fascinating life story. - Not currently accessible in English

  4. The Royal Daughter by Soraya Lane The family history of a woman who receives a black and white photo of a woman and a child and a sheet of music, a song unknown to her. What is behind this story and who are the people in the picture?

  5. The Girls who Disappeared by Claire Douglas Twenty years ago, Olivia is driving home with her three friends when she causes an accident during a swerving manoeuvre. When she wakes up, her friends have disappeared. Twenty years after the event, a journalist helps Ruth get to the bottom of the mystery. What has happened? What is the small town hiding? Questions upon questions.

  6. Das Versprechen der Rosenholzvilla by Tabea Bach This is the second part out of three in the Rosenholzvilla saga. Elisa is currently with Danilo, but she also has an admirer who later uncovers a deeply hidden family secret. - Not currently accessible in English

  7. This could be love by Lilly Lucas Naturally, a romance novel is essential, making this book perfect for those who love romantic stories. It is the initial installment of the Hawaii Love trilogy in the New Adult genre, narrating the tale of a tennis player who relocates to her godmother's home following an injury. There, she develops feelings for her neighbor, who is in a feud with her aunt due to his plans to establish a surf hostel on the adjacent land. Moreover, he is keeping significant details about his life concealed from the main character. The question arises: what will unfold next? - Not currently accessible in English

  8. Mord im Landesmuseum by Oliver Thalmann Don't miss out on a crime thriller set in German-speaking Switzerland! Follow Inspector Monti as he is tasked by his father-in-law, who has a mysterious past, to track down the owner of a painting. Soon after, the painting goes missing, the curator vanishes, and the owner is found dead. What secrets is the father-in-law concealing? Uncover the truth. - Not currently accessible in English

  9. Foreign Fruit by Jojo Moyes Two childhood friends from a quaint coastal town are captivated by an art deco house inhabited by artists. One day, upon Celia's return with her fiancé, her friend recognizes him as the one she truly loves. Fifty years later, as the house and its mysteries resurface, everything is brought back to life.

  10. Die seligen Jahre der Züchtigung by Fleur Jaeggy The protagonist resides in a girls' boarding school in Appenzell during the 1960s, where obedience and discipline are highly valued. The arrival of a new girl marks a significant turning point in the narrator's life. The author is Swiss, hailing from Zurich, yet writes in Italian. - Not currently accessible in English

Would you agree or what books would you suggest for summer holiday reading?

We will be traveling to England next week to explore the top 10 attractions there.

*Schweizer Buchhandels- und Verlags-Verband SBVV week 26, Belleristik Taschenbuch


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